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Here you will find a review of the experiences and accomplishments which have made me a successful consultative sales person with an ability to develop and nurture long-term relationships. I hope it helps you to get to know me a bit !

Licensed since 1995, I have been a Broker, Agent and Manager of real estate in the following states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Florida, and Nevada including a manager of my own successful sales team. I act as a liaison for complex sales processes between interacting professionals such as attorneys, bankers, community boards and government officials. I have always maintained timely communication with families in their process of understanding and setting investment priorities.

I have marketed and sold/leased properties in diverse markets, both residential and commercial, including time shares.

I have experience with diverse demographics and lifestyles as much as a variety of property amenities and locations. I am knowledgeable about the creation and implementation of marketing plans as well as networking within the business/industry communities, and my successes in these areas are well documented.

Customers and Clients will tell you I am efficient and organized, a helpful “people person” with superior follow-through and excellent at building rapport and fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

Highly versatile, passionate, creative, and driven, my outgoing personality and exceptional customer service skills allow me to make a connection with clients/customers and close deals that other sales professionals can’t. Having exceptional organizational skills, great instincts, and being very resourceful, I can spot opportunities that most professionals will miss. My leadership skills motivate and drive my marketing team to work hard to generate more traffic, helping you meet the financial objectives of your home sale.

I always conduct myself in a professional manner, being forthright, honest, and performing to the highest of ethical standards.

My goal for you, my client, is to help you position and market your home so that you can achieve the highest price, best terms, shortest time, and fewest problems for your successful home sale.

I am an experienced sales professional with the extensive background and skills needed to close the deal on your home; your goal is my goal.

My Best,